The LUMINESCE™ ultimate lifting masque is a preferred choice for most people looking to revitalize their skin. Like other LUMINESCE anti aging products, this masque is founded on the ultra-modern adult stem technology which is solely only at Jeunesse Global. By targeting the molecular structure from the skin cells, the company has found that is fairly simple to revive aging skin without altering our natural means of working. The formulation is based on essential ingredients which are within exotic botanicals which are gotten from your wild forests located deep in the Andes. A few of the key ingredients are Chicory root, Tara, Growth Factor Complex, Vitamin Complex, Macadamia Glycerides, Cucumber (Cucumis Sativus) Fruit Extract, Adult Stem Cell, Xanthan Gum and Caesalpinia Spinosa Gum.The botanicals embrace the outer lining of skin and instantly give you the needed lift. Furthermore, the masque also ensures the moisture is also distributed ensuring good hydration. 

Importance with the Ultimate Lifting Masque for the Skin

Skin lifting is a technique which has been accustomed to improve the health of your skin layer for a long time. However, Jeunesse has brought this system one step further by incorporating adult stem cell technology. By gently exfoliating skin, the LUMINESCE™ ultimate lifting masque removes old skin that clings on the surface or within the pores. Along the route fresh and new skin lying within the old skin is taken to the top revealing a glowing and smooth complexion. Additionally to removing old skin, the masque also uncovers your skin pores thus allowing toxins, germs along with other harmful substances to flee in the body. This can help in nourishing skin since beneficial ingredients like proteins, lipids, amino acids and oils can now penetrate deep in the skin structure.

Ultimate Lifting Masque
Restore the Youthful Look With LUMINESCE™ Ultimate Lifting Masque 

Benefits Of LUMINESCE™ Ultimate Lifting Masque

-Instant Skin Lift: The Greatest Lifting Masque from Jeunesse instantly lifts your skin layer revealing new and fresh skin, plus helps improve hydration in the long-term.

- Quick Acting: Courtesy of highly-effective anti-oxidants and vitamins, the luminesce masque from Jeunesse quickly improves and revitalizes your skin layer.

-Combats Aging: Elimination of old skin debris, improving elasticity and nourishing the skin slows down aging.

-Softer and glowing: Extracts from cucumber, chicory root and Tara are recognized to make the skin soft and smooth in addition to bolster your skin system.

-Producing Supple Skin: Lifting skin and removing dead/old skin results in better and more elastic skin and also deeply nourishes it.

-Removes contaminants: LUMINESCE™ ultimate lifting masque eliminates harmful substances such as bacteria, blackheads, germs and more.
-Skin tightening: Better nourishment and elimination of old skin makes the skin more firm and tight.

Getting the right lifting masque is essential to getting good and delightful skin. It quickens the operation of removing old skin debris, bolsters skin nourishment, reveals new skin as well as increases the production and absorption of lipids, essential oils, lipids as well as other nutrients. The best product also removes contaminants, tightens the skin, improves elasticity and reduces wrinkles, discoloration and fine lines. Out of the many products in the market, LUMINESCE™ ultimate lifting masque stands out among the most beneficial and safest.